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Steering Committee

Guiding and Supporting Our Program


The Worker Support Services (WSS) Steering Committee is a dedicated group of professionals committed to guiding and supporting the WSS program. The committee ensures the program’s goals and objectives are met and that the services provided are effective and responsive to the needs of temporary foreign workers and their employers. The Steering Committee is responsible for program governance, planning, and strategic decision-making.

Who is Eligible?

The WSS Steering Committee is composed of representatives from various organizations and sectors that have a vested interest in the well-being of temporary foreign workers. This includes community partners, non-profit organizations, government agencies, legal experts, and employers. Membership in the Steering Committee is by invitation, based on the organization’s expertise, commitment, and contribution to the program.

Meeting Details

The WSS Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss program updates, review progress, and address any emerging issues or concerns. The meetings are typically held online, via Teams teleconference. We work to foster a collaborative and supportive environment, where members share their knowledge, experiences, and ideas for program improvement.

Current Members

  • The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO).
  • Black Legal Action Clinic (BLAC).
  • FCJ Refugee Centre.
  • The Huron Farmworker Ministry.
  • Friends of Lynden Migrant Farm Workers.
  • Migrant Workers Ministry of the Diocese of London.
  • Newcomer Legal Clinic, Thunder Bay.
  • Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre.
  • Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc. (OHCOW).
  • Welland and Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre.
  • Five temporary foreign workers.
  • Agricultural Employers.
  • Other community agencies and partners.
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